Yama Izakaya

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1324 Central Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28205




Izakaya are essentially Japanese restaurant/pubs where people drink sake and beer after work. It is a vital venue for socializing, and in these health-conscious times, an increasingly influential culinary force. Unlike other styles of eating, food items are usually served family-style, with the kitchen serving the food when it's ready, rather than in formal courses. Typically a beer is ordered when sitting down before perusing the menu. Delicately flavored dishes such as edamame or salad are ordered first, followed with progressively more robust flavors such as yakitori or kara-age, finishing the meal with a rice or ramen to fill up.

$30 per person (does not include tax or gratuity)


First course (choice of one)

Tuna Tataki - seared tuna with ponzu soy and wasabi

Grilled Sampler - one skewer each of tuna, beef, chicken, lamb, and eggplant

Tempura Sampler – deep-fried vegetable and shrimp in Japanese style

Second course (choice of one)

Sushi Combo - tuna, salmon, and yellowtail nigiri; and a Crunchy roll (shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, topped with kani)

Chicken and Steak Teriyaki – served on a sizzling plate with mixed vegetables and white rice

Chicken and Shrimp Hibachi Fried Rice – served with mixed vegetables

Third course

Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream

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