44 Mills Kitchen + Tap

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6189 Bayfield Parkway

Concord, NC 28027



Inspired by the legacy of the county’s 44 textile mills from 1829 to 2000, 44 Mills brings inspired, modern cuisine to Concord in style. The guest experience at 44 Mills is one of “dining ceremoniously” to celebrate the simple pleasures of sharing good food, good drinks, and good friends!

$35 per person (does not include tax or gratuity)

Small Plates (choice of one)

Butter-Poached Shrimp – roasted broccoli, spices, sweet cornbread, watermelon, hot butter

Crispy Grits – White Marble Farms pork, grilled tomato, shucked corn, turkey gravy

Fried Green Tomato – goat cheese cream, grilled peaches, peach jelly, mache

Smoked Turkey Tails – roasted carrot, corn pudding, crispy chitlins, 44 Sauce

The Carrot – vanilla-poached and roasted, golden beets, salty feta, marinated tomato, beef candy

Supper (choice of one)

Venison Loin – turkey collards, corn pudding, smoked chicken hash, red-eye gravy

Fried Catfish – cast iron, roasted carrots, grilled tomato, corn fritters, spices

Hot Chicken – not too hot, smoked chicken hash, pineapple casserole

Rabbit – tenderloin, crispy grits, turkey collards, chicken demi

Braised Oxtails – lemon snap risotto, portobello demi

Sweet (choice of one)

Sun Drop Pound Cake

Banana Pudding

Peach Cobbler

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