North Carolina Hit By Third Earthquake In Just Over A Week

Photo: Getty Images

North Carolina was hit by yet another earthquake, bringing the total number of quakes reported within two weeks up to three.

The Tar Heel State has been rocked by several minor earthquakes over the course of just over a week, per FOX 8. The latest quake was reported around 6 a.m. Wednesday (August 17) when the United States Geological Survey recorded a 1.8 magnitude quake in Troutman in Iredell County. At a depth of 0.1 kilometers, it is likely most people didn't even notice the low-magnitude quake as it occurred.

The first occurrence in the recent string of quakes occurred August 8 when a 2 magnitude earthquake shook Archdale, just outside of Greensboro. Another earthquake, also a magnitude 2, hit near the mountain town of Spruce Pines on August 13.

The minor quakes are fairly common and typically don't cause much, if any, damage. According to the news outlet, the average person may not register an earthquake is happening until it reaches a 3 magnitude.

A region of eastern Afghanistan was not as lucky when a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit the remote area on June 22, killed at least 1,000 people and injuring hundreds more. One official called the situation "quite critical" as they launched rescue efforts.