Deluxe Fun Dining

  • We've combined Food and Art at Deluxe Restaurant with the emotional connection to celebrating yourself or a loved one's special milestone. Our idea of dining is not just "going out" but "going out with purpose." Everyone deserves to laugh and be merry in a fun and comfortable environment, and our food and drinks to our staff help create that celebratory atmosphere. The chef-driven menu highlights seasonal ingredients in simple, handcrafted dishes served straight from our kitchen. With a blend of Mediterranean, European and American farm-to-table influence, our menu and cocktails take you to a place where self-expression is encouraged from our guests to our staff.
  • $50 per person (does not include tax or gratuity)
  • Starter / Salad (choice of one)
    • Poppin’ Popcorn Shrimp - Our Deluxe twist on a classic. Crunchy fried shrimp, accompanied by popcorn and homemade Deluxe sauce. Our presentation of this dish will have you reaching for your phone.
    • The Crispy Fried Calamari - This dish is one of the most classic appetizers consisting of lightly battered and hand-cut pieces of calamari accompanied with banana peppers that are quickly fried 'til golden brown and served with decadent lemon aioli. Another perfect, deluxe share option.
    • Deluxe Deviled Eggs - 6 Heavenly Deviled Eggs are topped with bits of King Crab meat, another with lobster meat, and fried Shrimp to finish.
    • Cheese Puffs Of Heaven - This delicately baked puff pastry is filled with 3 types of cheese (Fontina, Mozzarella, and Feta). The presentation and taste will have you looking up to heaven and thanking the cheese gods.
    • Meat Puffs of Heaven - We've added a third wheel to our puffs creation family. These delicately baked puff pastries are filled with a secret blend of Mediterranean-spiced minced beef tenderloin and onions. This brings you to the decision, which puffs dish is the true third wheel???
    • Caesar Salad - Fresh Romaine Lettuce with rich and creamy homemade Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan, Drop Peppers, and Deluxe croutons.
  • Entree (choice of one)
    • Deluxe Lamb Chops (GF) - Marinated in a Mediterranean spice blend, these 15 oz. Australian lamb chops come fresh off the grill. Accompanied by asparagus, marinated onion, house potato, and homemade mint sauce.
    • Gold Salmon (GF) - -Delicious pieces of salmon, covered in our spice blend and topped with a creamy sauce. Served with mashed potato, sauteed spinach, and then finished with an edible 18K Gold. Color, texture, and flavor in complete harmony.
    • Duck Confit With Thousand-Layer Potato - This tender duck leg confit is served with buckwheat, broccolini, baby corn, caramelized carrots & onions, then finished with a drizzle of our garlic and herb duck au jus.
    • Lobster & Shrimp Stuffed Baked Potato (GF) - Nothing at Deluxe is as simple as just a baked potato, so of course, we gave it our own twist by adding garlic and spiced seasoned lobster meat, shrimp, and melted cheese to create a baked potato fit for Charlotte royalty.
    • Chicken Kebab - These are skewered and grilled marinated chicken thighs, accompanied by baby potatoes, rice, marinated onion, roasted bell peppers, and flatbread, served with curry sauce.
    • Veggie Quinoa - Immerse yourself in a bowl of our Quinoa Veggie ballet. Nutrient-rich quinoa dances with red onions, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, and a delightful, sweet chili kick, all brought together by a drizzle of soy sauce. An ensemble of flavors awaits in this wholesome vegetarian option.
  • Dessert (choice of one)
    • Godiva Twist - With our homemade Godiva chocolate brownie and a side of vanilla ice cream, you can never go wrong with this option.
    • A La Pavlova Meringue - This meringue melts in your mouth, with a crisp exterior and marshmallow center. We top it with fresh fruit and whipped cream for the ultimate treat!
    • Ice Cream - vanilla ice cream with seasonal berries and fruits
  • 20% gratuity will be added to the bill, of which 100% is split among your service staff members.
  • Separate checks are not available for groups of 11 or more.
  • Deluxe is also offering a 3-course Weekend Brunch menu for $40 per person. Check out the menu on the restaurant's website!

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