This Is The Best Mexican Restaurant In North Carolina

Photo: Getty Images

North Carolina may be known for its traditional Southern cuisine, or even regional dishes like Carolina-style barbecue, but the Tar Heel State is also home to plenty of restaurants serving up delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Taste of Home searched the country to find the absolute best Mexican restaurant in each state, including this popular favorite in North Carolina. According to the site: "From eclectic taco joints to upscale eateries, we've rounded up the very best Mexican restaurants across America."

So which Mexican restaurant in North Carolina is considered the best in the state?

Cabo Fish Taco

Located in Charlotte, Cabo Fish Taco is a favorite for a reason, giving customers a chance to try its wide menu of tasty faves like its list of signature and specialty tacos to roadside wraps and burritos to the daily specials. Top off your meal by grabbing one of their many margaritas from the Cabo Cantina.

Cabo Fish Taco's flagship location is located at 3201 North Davidson Street in Charlotte.

Here's what Taste of Home had to say about North Carolina's best Mexican restaurant:

"North Carolina... or the California coast? You'll get the best of both worlds when you sink your teeth into one of the Baja-style fish tacos at this joint, where the star of the show is the mango barbecue mahi-mahi taco topped with cilantro white sauce."

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